Available Services

Can you actually limit the services you can provide?

Having this industry-specific experience allows our consultants to enter your job site armed with both the appropriate technological skills and a full complete understanding of what your company does and who your competitors are. This helps to eliminate the learning curve and increase performance efficiency. We have as a result categorised our actual services into three distinct groups. Information Technology, Computer Forensics and Project Management.

Computer Foresics

  • Forensic Triaging
  • Forensic Investigation helps investigators to successfully prosecute computer crimes. We bring this service to all companies in their quest for the proper use of corporate computers for business needs only.

  • Forensic Document Discovery
  • Using the latest Forensic triaging tools, we can find hidden documents on your systems for your later review and or your immediate use.

  • Triage Implementation
  • Adopting the triage process is easy and does not require disrupting your current workflow. We offer documents showing how to prepare for the adoption of the triage process.

    Project Management

    Our team is comprised of the best IT professionals available. We have also built relationships with consultants representing the widest possible range of skill sets.

    Lucton Technologies, Inc. is committed to partnering with our clients to help capitalize on their opportunities and solve their business/technology issues and challenges.

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    Information Technology

    At Lucton Technologies, Inc, we evaluate the IT requirements of your business and study your business culture in order to find the best solution for your business needs.

    Our understanding of our clients' local labor markets, businesses, IT initiatives, and company cultures gives us an expertise which enables us to identify the best candidates for each project. Our account managers and recruiters know not only where the best IT talent can be found, but also how to attract and retain them.

    Find below the services we provide our clients. Feel free to contact us for an assessment of your organisation and a very comfortable quote.

    • Systems Management Audit and Review
    • Systems Analysis and Planning
    • Systems Design and Integration
    • Systems Maintenance and Support
    • Network Maintenance and Support
    • Database Administration Solutions
    • Database Design and Implementation
    • Website Analysis, Planning and Design
    • Website Hosting and Email Support
    • Computer Systems Deployment
    • Server Support Solutions
    • Server Virtualization Solutions
    • Data Storage Solutions
    • Managed Desktop Support Solutions